Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bon Voyage MMY !!!

Assalamualaikum peace be upon all of you.Hope behave well in the pink of health.Okay for this nice and freezing Friday morning,i'm glad to post something about us-form 5 BOYS that still left at MMY although 'the children' have adults taking care of them at home. the first week of exam;a horrendous week for the boys-form 4 and lower cause they have Al-Jundi 2 Camp at Sir Azman's garden.Not very silent that week because we can still heard the pitch after 3 Days they've return hostel.

The school silented!For a moment..when the children started to pick up their things up onto their father's car.
from that moment..we started to manage our bachelor life.Someone asked,"wei,kita nak makan apa haa?Wei Uzair,hang bawak mai moto,nak beli apa-apa senang."Uzair replied,"oh,why not?Tapi minyak mau support arr.."Everybody laught at that moment-just for respired in the silent :-(

The buliding started to echo when we laught,spoke or cheered.Just for the sync of nature when it just Nine of us uncounted the guard that left at the school.Bahasa Melayu,English,Sejarah and Mathematics Modern had left for the first week.On the second week,we supposed to face Syariah Islamiah,Additional Mathematics and Science-what a tough week isn't it?

For the first week,we caught overwhelmed with the wealth.No jokes!we spent to much money for dinner and supper. The approximated use couldn't be counted at once-what a poor. :-(

Then SPM was over...!!!uhh what so fast??!!no need to type for a bit longer cause of da limit of time. uhm we ended our war sharped on 4.30 p.m at Tuesday 13 Dicember 2011 which was on Quran Sunnah paper. Shake our hand with da examination prefect. Smile and regarded with them,we made a step for a victory,willing may Allah s.w.t accept our force and give us da best result insya'Allah...

p/s:sorry for da little lazy..need to post about Beris :)

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